Why GoChoiceGo is a most needed application in this modern World?

1. Stand Out from Crowd

Many jobseekers today are finding it difficult to connect to the Employers. The reason behind this is, there has been an enormous increase in technology and to work on the technology; people have to project their skills in a better way. The challenge is building upon the corporates to hire the right job seekers from the big pool of ocean. Gone are the days when people would rush with their CV’s and stand in a queue for the interview. We have a complete digital revolution coming up and people who accept the changes stand out from the crowd. Corporates have no time to read an essay . They need your basic info, skill details, experience in the field and notice period or time to join. If your skills does not match with the demand of the corporates, you are out of the market and competition. This app is a savior to many job seekers connecting the employers as the platform brings the buyers (corporates) and sellers( job seekers) at one place and for the same goals. And the most interesting thing, is that the discussion would be on the same technology or field.

2. Target the Employer

These days people can learn new skills and latest technologies with ease. But a bigger challenge is coming up - finding a job in a better place. The standard of living is a new dimension to talk about. People don’t need just jobs , but they need other things too. Everyone would like to have a good social life , lovely work culture, nice boss, nice family and better standard of life. This app motivates you to connect the employer of your choice. Guess How? Just as the way we connect to friends, network with the right employers and make them your long lasting connections. Chat with them, talk with them and understand their job needs.

3. Hire the right Employee

Corporates too need social life and understand their employees. It’s sickening to sort 10 CV’s from 10000000 CV’s. This app gives a better edge by bringing the corporates to a platform wherein only those job seekers with the right skills would be showing up. If a Corporate would like to see only SAP professionals the platform would be having only SAP job seekers. What more you need? View their details and call. Or chat with them to know still better.

4. Conduct interviews in style

HR’s do need new modes of interview. A two way Chat System can bring more sweetness to this. Lot many recruiters face the issue of calling to phones that has been out of reach or switched off. Make him a connection and chat. Maintain and grow your interviewee list.

5. Multiple Interests

Individuals these days have variety of interests. Even if searching for a job is one primary criteria, searching for a desired product or making friends form other big interests. Tech savvy people have always an interest on digital gadgets. Making a network with likeminded people is a big challenge too. This app brings all your interests on a single plate and you can have full meals daily.

6. Manufacturers and Suppliers

This is an old relationship that has been existing for years and years. This app has added more flavor in it. Manufacturers can now advertise their jobs and products in a single ad. The ad can connect job seekers and suppliers too.

7. Search Products Globally

Corporates have always a requirement for products. This app gives a direct link with global suppliers and manufacturers. Find the right product, Make him a connection and just chat for more details as international calls are costly. Grow your supplier list and be choosy.