About Us

GoChoiceGo is a global networking and online advertising platform which connects people with similar interests, post job ads and product ads, and helps them to identify and choose their best professional contact.

Specialized category, Specific technology and product search is an important limelight of this product.

The platform is trendy as it helps to form a matching relationship between employer and employee, supplier and manufacturer and between individuals.

All in one product... all in same application... just one click....!!! Get connected today!

GoChoiceGo has a unique feature where supplier can search for the product manufacturers and manufacturer can search for the suppliers and enabling them to connect from various industries and grow together. A trendy feature of this application is manufacturers can post job ads and product ads simultaneously!

The GoChoiceGo platform helps job seekers to search job vacancies and apply as per their matching skill set. Further it helps the individuals to do professional networking with the same background connecting professionals locally and globally. It helps job seekers with professional branding, profile building and engages them within their industry domain eco-system creating strong digital presence for individual and job seekers which is essential now to be digitally transformed.

GoChoiceGo also provides equal platform to employers globally who wish to hire skilled talent locally or globally. It’s simple for an employer to search, connect and hire right talent. An employer can hire skilled professionals for example to hire software engineers, they can sign in; search the profiles with relevant skills set and start the communication.

Considering the today’s millennial mindset, GochoiceGo created a feature which helps the individuals to search for jobs, search for products and connect to make friends with other individuals present globally which would leverage their global networking.

It’s a three in one uniquely designed global product that is much needed in the current world we live in!